Your LifeForce Energy as a Leader

Hey, there! AmyK here.

I just returned from my leadership retreat in Santa Barbara and I’ve got a super brilliant question for ya.

Watch this short video and get an insightful perspective to ignite a magical conversation with yourself.

Now imagine …

Your LifeForce energy is so fueled, so bright, that as a leader, people are drawn to your visionary light.

And in times of uncertainty, you cast light across the darkness.

Your radiance guides lost individuals and teams to safety, offering hope and direction when people feel lost.

And remember, dear leader, your light not only guides others, but it also steadies your own course.

You must serve as a ballast too, providing stability and support amidst life’s storms.

Today, I encourage you to reflect on how you might best nurture the flame within you, fueling it with passion, purpose, and positivity …

How you might best cultivate your resilience and emotional intelligence …

How you might best learn to trust your own intuition and feel secure enough to surround yourself with other lit-up leaders …

How you might best embrace your strengths, acknowledge your vulnerabilities, and let your authenticity shine brightly, so brightly …

… that you become a beacon of inspiration, igniting the hearts and minds of those around you and yourself as you create a safe harbor for yourself and those you lead.

Every single day you have the opportunity to illuminate the world with your brilliance and ignite the brilliance of another.

May today serve as a reminder of the power of your light.

To shining brightly.


P.S.: Could you or your leadership team use a little fuel to fire up your LifeForce energy?

I invite you to reach out about my coaching, training and keynote offerings – all designed to ignite your brilliance.

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