You Can’t Change People. But You Can Do THIS.

You can't change the people around you but you can change the people.

We all know you can’t change someone else, but you can ex-change them for someone else.

May is Mental Health Awareness month, and this email is a quick reminder that negativity begets negativity & positivity begets positivity. While we’re at it, creativity begets creativity too.

What do you want to beget?

When you’re surrounded by negative, backward-focused, woe-is-me complainers and you’ve sincerely tried to help them hum a different tune [but they’re stuck on the same ole chorus], give yourself the gift of a break. It’s time to step-up and schedule a playdate with new peeps.

When you choose to surround yourself with folks who pursue living an energetically lit-up, forward-focused, high-vibe, problem-solving, kind, loving & compassionate life, you change the way YOU pursue life too.

You can’t change anyone [unless they want to change too], but you can ex-change a specific someone with another —  someone who lifts your energy, your heart, your vibe and your spirit.

To changing your peeps when you can’t change your peeps.



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