Why You Shouldn’t Wear What You Wore 14 Years Ago

Purposeful and playful life makes for a pretty darn good week

It’s been scientifically researched & proven that chasing happiness leads to greater misery and mild depression.

It’s also been scientifically proven that choosing to walk a purposeful & playful path leads to a more pleasurable life.

Let’s apply these scientific findings to you with two simple yet significant questions:

  • Are you playing & laughing enough? [i.e. doing things that make you smile & feel darn good]
  • Are you creating enough meaning & making a positive impact? [i.e. doing things that serve & support others]

We need purpose in our lives. We need joy in our lives. If you’re short on one or both, you are the only person who can fill you back up.

And what lit you up and seemed like a great fit 14 years ago, may not light you up today.

Instead of asking the trite, “What did I love as a kid?” play smarter by asking, “What do I love now?”

Sure, what you once deemed fashionable often comes back around, but there’s always an updated twist.

It may be time to update your outlook and the way you play.



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