Why You Should Choose Your Friends & Mates Wisely (AmyKism #106)

Whether we want to admit it or not – people do AFFECT us.

They’re energy can be uplifting or exhausting.

We can probably all agree that none of us are perfect [okay, we’ll admit YOU’RE super close! ;-)]
but some people ARE easier for you to deal with than others.

Watch AmyKism #106 for a great reminder that when choosing your mates & friends, it’s really important to choose wisely – their presence in YOUR life impacts so much of it.

To remembering that being invited into YOUR life is a privilege.


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The #1 differentiator between good leaders and incredibly brilliant [and wildly profitable] ones is Emotional Intelligence. The research is staggering on how a high EQ improves everything from self-awareness to relationships to our levels of productivity and joy. So we’re going “back-to-school” with a class in EQ skills and I’m inviting all women leaders to join us. It’s FREE!

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