Why we need to tune into our energy

Whatever your energy - it's magnetic.

Let’s talk about your “mojo” for a sec.

First, it’s magnetic.

Which means, you’re magnetic.

Second, whatever energy is flowing through you attracts similar energy.

For example:

Dougie Downer attracts Negative Nellie. Pessimistic Pete knows where to find Fed-up Fiona.


Joy-filled Justin attracts Hopeful Helen, just as Blissed-out Breeanna enjoys the company of Contented Catharine, and Resilient Rick goes out of his way to avoid Victimized Vince.

Like attracts like.

All this alliteration aside, energy ripples through each and every one of us.

When you consciously choose to “check your energetic mojo” an amazing thing takes place.

Your day-to-day reality literally changes in response to your changed energy state.

Your internal frequency manifests externally.

Before you walk into a room, start a meeting or join a conversation, check your mojo.  Ask yourself, What energetic state am I in, and therefore, what am I about to attract more of?

We’re all familiar with those moments when we could “cut the tension in the air with a knife” or “float on air” because the energy in the room was palpable and contagious. We’ve also experienced those moments when our feeling “off” has caused an entire meeting to be “off.”

Does this mean a scared person can’t seek out someone who’s not scared for comfort? Nope.

Does this mean an upset person can’t find someone to soothe them? Nope again.

But it does require conscious choice. You have to actively seek to change your state.

It’s important to know too that not all low-energy states are bad and all high energy states are good. You can be in a low energy state of tranquil mellowness and this state will attract more calm. You can be in high energy state of irritation or anxiousness and this state will attract more tension.

It’s also not about denying understandable energetic states.  We’re human. We experience a wide range of feelings that can fuel our energy or drain it.  You can have days that are energetically “down” or days when you are flying-high and in the zone.

Checkin’ in with your mojo’s frequency is simply about being aware of and choosing your energetic state so you know what you’re attracting more of and therefore experiencing in your life.

Tuning into your energy grants you the gift of having an even greater impact on the quality of your day-to-day experiences and the quality of your life.

To your good vibes.

Cyber safe hugs,


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