Why THIS Was My Favorite Meal in France

Hey, there! AmyK here.

I was telling my folks about all the great food we ate in France last month…

and yes, we ate our way from Paris to Provence and back again!…

but the truth is, when I showed them the pic above, I shared, “And of all the Michelin star restaurants, this was my favorite meal!”

Why was this the best meal, and what does it have to do with powerful moments in life and leadership?

When we dined alfresco on foods we bought at the local markets and looked out over the terrace at the lavender fields, I was in a state of chillax bliss.

No sauces, nothing fancy, [no foam!] just the best tasting heirloom tomatoes, brie, strawberries, peaches, fresh baguettes, champagne and of course the Cavaillon melon.

A melon so good, it’s everything a cantaloupe dreams of becoming.

The fruit flavors were intense, served up at the peak of season, unadorned and admired for exactly what they were meant to be.

And it made me think of my favorite moments with others. When our friends, family, colleagues — when we show up as the best of ourselves, without adornment, but just as our relaxed, human, giving and receiving selves… we are perfectly imperfect and lovingly divine. We are our most pleasantly palatable. Our most approachable… and our most open to authentic connection.

Not because we do or say everything right. But because we are vulnerable, honest and without pretense. Because we show up in our fullest essence of self.

To being you… in all your beautiful glory.

Summer hugs,

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