Why Taking the High Road is Better

Nice doesn't mean naive. It just means you're taking the high road.

Taking the high-road doesn’t mean you missed the dig.

In fact, it’s the exact opposite.

You totally got it, and because you truly do get it, you know that taking the high road is the best response of all.

Many of us can most likely recall a time we were dissed or dismissed. Perhaps more than one?!

While not fun, they are great opportunities to practice the art of Self-leadership and decide how you desire to show up in this game called life.

There are times over the course of your career & life where people will say things that are beyond rude, and you & I both know they’ll think, “You didn’t get it” or “You missed it” because you chose not to react. Trust me, you more than got it. AND … you absolutely get them … BUT they can’t get your goat.

To taking the high road, oh, Brilliant One, and choosing to be the better human.




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