Why Setting Boundaries is Important

I'd say yes, but I'd rather be happy.

Some folks have a hard time saying, “No, thank you.”

I get it.

Many of us were raised on praise for ‘people-pleasing.’

Or … ‘going along to get-along.’

Some of us learned to be ‘compliant’ so as to be ‘liked.’

Can you relate?

How many times over the years did you say “Yes” because you knew it would keep the peace?!

Except for that peace inside of you.

There are times when saying “Yes” is the mature, supportive, generous response.

You say “Yes” to support others’ needs. You say “Yes” because you’re a loving and kind human who cares.

There are times when saying “No, thank you” is the mature, supportive, generous response – for you.

For your own self-care. Your own mental health. Your own well-being.

The next time you’re getting ready to say “Yes” and your body is screaming “No,” I encourage you to ask yourself, “What is best for the highest good for all?”

And that all includes you.

If you can’t say “Yes” and show up 100% [okay maybe 98%] as your best Self, that’s not Self-leadership — that’s Self-sabotage. And it makes you cranky, resentful and icky on the inside. Perhaps it makes you a wee bit icky on the outside too?! [Do you recall your snarky remark the last time you said “Yes” begrudgingly? We do.?]

When the cost of a “Yes” is your well-being, it’s time to say, “No, thank you.”




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