Why Practice Self Love (AmyKism #101)

AmyKism #101 is ready with the same irreverence & depth you’ve come to expect with a fresh focus on Self-leadership.

Why Practice Self Love

Let’s take a moment to tune-in, because as you all know, when you lead yourself well, you lead others well.

I’ve also included a thought-provoking question only you can answer.

Video Transcript

Hey there, AmyK here.

Gonna go a skosh woo-woo with you today.

I’ve talked a lot over the years about brilliance including owning and using the tagline “Ignite Brilliance.”

Brilliance is the intense brightness of light, your vividness, your exceptional talent and intelligence.

Which is why AmyKism #101 is so important.

Your brilliance is rooted in self-love.

The reason your brilliance is rooted in self-love is because you can’t possibly radiate the intensity of your inner light without regard for your well-being, your happiness.

You can’t possibly share the full capacity of your exceptional talent without recognizing and appreciating your worth and loving your light and loving your shadow, which means loving all of you.

I know, I know there’s great debate about whether you can love others without first loving yourself, and I think it’s nuanced.

But here’s what we know for sure.

If you don’t love yourself and truly value your own worth, your brilliance, your inner light, it’s going to be dimmed, and your light impacts how brightly you light up the rooms that you walk into, how brightly you can shine a light on another.

The extent to which you are wattage illuminates conversations, relationship, dynamics and connectivity.

Your brilliance can be drawn to another’s light, but if you first don’t ignite your own fully, deeply, you won’t comprehend the extent of your brilliance to light up the world.

So, I got a question for you.

How might you stretch your capacity to shine brighter?

From my woo-woo, inner brilliance to yours.

Let’s light up this world starting from within, hugs.

Need Help Practicing Self Love?

I invite you to learn more about my coaching and consulting.

As Janay shared:

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I can’t begin to tell you how MANY positive remarks I heard about your session. Probably the best was, “I would have stayed three more hours.” So many people got so much out of today. Thank you so much for providing what many folks indicated was the best presentation in which they have participated in years!!! I look forward to working with you again!”

– Janay Rickwalder, former Vice President, Marketing, Communications and Membership, National Pest Management Association

Partnering with NPMA was so much fun, Janay! I look forward to collaborating again too.

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