Why Playfulness is Important

Why playfulness is important

Summer is in full swing. See pic above!

When was the last time your energy was purely playful?

Play changes the chemistry in your body and brain. It reduces stress, increases creativity and makes life fun. You know all of these facts, but sometimes we still resist play.

We think:
I’m too old.
I don’t have time.
I’m not a child.
It’s stupid.
I have too much to do.

STOP with all the social conditioning that’s eroding your Spirit.

Instead of feeling guilty for taking a moment to giggle, embrace it.

Brilliant Self-leaders know that choosing to be playful has huge rewards.

It’s often where creativity leads to innovation.

Brilliant parents know that choosing to be playful has huge rewards.

It’s way easier to get shoes tied and coats on with a little levity than with loud, impatient demands.

So … make a playdate this weekend or next, BEFORE summer ends, and get yourself a bit o’ playful positivity.

To hopping on a swing the next time you see one!




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– Michael Limauro, Vice President, Asset Protection, Whole Foods Market

Mike, it was truly my honor! Thank you for inviting me to play in the Whole Foods sandbox.

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