Why Mindset is So Important

Fear is contagious. As is calm. What would you rather spread?

Quick reminder.

Every time you enter a room, you’re contagious.

Every time you start a conversation, you’re contagious.

Every. Time.

Fear. Calm. Hostility. Love.

What you spread is your choice.


If you’re interested in mastering your mindset and need another ally on your side, I invite you to learn more about my coaching.

As Hollis shared…

“The results from AmyK’s coaching have been stellar. It’s truly helped me and my team up our game.?Her skills and approach have made us more accountable, actionable, and overall morale has increased dramatically.? All of this attributed to our overall company’s growth from $8M to over $22M in just one year – and all during the pandemic as well. 

-Hollis Bufferd, CEO, Star Hill Financial

Coaching with you is so much fun, Hollis!

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