Why it’s important to let go

Why it's important to relax and release

Hey, there! AmyK here.

One of the hardest things for Type-As, Over Achievers and Go-getters to do is to let go and allow.

The thought of relaxing and releasing is a bit scary.

For so long we’ve believed we’re rewarded for grinding it out, for going the extra mile, for giving it our all.

Isn’t that part of the very belief system in our society, heck, our DNA?

Haven’t we all heard…

Work hard enough and you might just get enough. Put in the sweat equity. Pay your dues. Money doesn’t grow on trees. Make hay while the sun shines. Process your emotions more quickly so you can get over it faster.

But then, just last week, a very intuitive and grounded woman said to me, “You’re forcing it, AmyK. If you let go and allow, you’ll be even more amazed at what unfolds.”

I blinked. I processed. I sat in silence for a second and then my mind reared up as it typically does, “BUT- “

“No buts, “ she cut me off. “The cost of being a pushy pusher is you will get some of what you want, but you will never get what the Universe would love to give you tenfold if you’d just step back and allow.”

Hmmm. I wasn’t entirely convinced but my shoulders dropped.

“Stop forcing,” she continued. “Start allowing. Sure, step forward, do what you need to do to be a conscientious steward, and then leave some space for divine support. Trust me, it’ll lead to something better than you imagined.”

So I’m following her advice and I’m inviting you to join me this week. Join me in letting go and allowing. Even if it’s just a bit. Too scary? Then let go just an itty bit.

Be a conscientious steward and then leave some space for divine intervention and co-creation.

Let go of the striving. The grief. The impatience. The controlling. The desperation. The frustration. The grinding away. Let go of whatever you need to let go of so you can create some space for allowing.

The cost of being a pushy pusher is that we truncate possibility. It’s a choice. We can force the finite or we can allow the infinite.

Join me in allowing this week and let’s watch what unfolds.

Cyber safe hugs,

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