Why a Puppy Culture is Good for People

Why a Puppy Culture is Good for People

I’m a new mom. See picture above of my two new “boys.”

If you know me at all, you know I’m reading everything I can get my hands on about how to raise puppies.

After reading book #1, I realized I was doing it perfectly. About 1% of the time. LOL.

Apparently, letting them use me as a jungle gym is a big no-no.

BUT… here’s what I’m doing right:

Paying attention and praising.

And… I’m rewarding these little guys every chance I can.

When they do something undesirable, I ignore it or distract them and then immediately praise them and reward them for their very next “good” behavior.

What about you?

Are you fixated on everything that’s not working? Are you finding fault with everything?

Have you created an environment where your people spend more time looking backwards [with their tails between their legs], or worse, crouching low in terror, trying to fly below your negative radar?

How many of your recent meetings were more focused on missteps, mistakes, losses and piles of crap rather than mini-milestones and magical moments? [BTW… rubbing somebody’s nose in it never works – I  didn’t need a book to know that one!]

When brilliant puppy parents leaders take the time to sincerely and specifically praise their people by pointing out strengths, noticing what is working and rewarding them along the way, you get a lot more of the “Good boy!” behaviors you want.

It might be a puppy primer, but it’s also prime advice for your peeps.



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