Which one of these is worse?

Which one of these is worse?

We’ve all missed the mark. We’ve all been caught short of a goal.

It happens.

But what if we miss the opportunity it presents to play better?

If we don’t improve our skill, gain clarity, or discover a greater understanding or truth then we’ve really missed the mark.

Sadly, this happens too.

The next time you miss the mark, instead of making excuses, beating yourself up, or giving up all together, ask yourself:

What’s the opportunity behind the miss?

What might I need to learn?

What might I need to see more clearly?

How might I change my technique or some aspect of the way I play?

How might I create meaning from the miss?

And then go practice. Take another shot. Now do it again.

Having faith in yourself to get better, to refine your skills and keep improving how you play, does not come from missing the mark and quitting.

Having faith comes from creating meaning, seeing the opportunity to play better and then taking action.



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