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When the stressors of life hit, you need THIS

Who's your sleep when you need rest

Last night on my walk, instead of tuning into a substantive podcast [my ritual], I pressed play on the talented lyricist, Noah Kahan, and his words were a balm to the burden of current events.

In the chorus of his song, Sink, he sings, “she’s sleep when I need rest.”

And it got me thinking.

We all need someone in our lives who provides us a safe haven from the stressors of life.

We all need someone whose presence in our lives is a gift because they help us refuel.

Sometimes they help carry our heavy load.

Sometimes they help restore our smile.

Sometimes just the touch of their hand in ours can make us feel safe, secure and wholly loved.

They’re the person that when our laughter shakes the leaves from the trees, they pick them up to dry our tears.

Who’s your sleep when you need rest? Thank them.

And… to being someone’s sleep when they need rest.

Cyber safe hugs,

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