Wheat, Rye, Sourdough or Champagne?

Taking the time to honor everyone’s efforts

Let’s talk toast – as in some of the most important toasts in a leader’s life.

While you may be a fan of your multi-grain or gluten free, I’m a fan of champagne and the toast we have in honoring another’s EFFORTS in reaching a milestone.

When was the last time you acknowledged & praised the efforts of your peeps? How far they’ve come? What it took of them to get here?

When was the last time you raised a glass because a milestone was reached and you recognized the hard work, determination, perseverance and grit that was put forth into making it happen?

[Not just the milestone itself…but the EFFORT and ENERGY that went into making it happen.]

Whether you’re into champagne, sparkling cider or seltzer water, it matters not. Taking the time to honor everyone’s efforts — the mini-milestones along the way — communicates, “I see you. I honor you.”

What a great message to send.

AND… you can toast to yourself. Taking the time to acknowledge your efforts, to recognize your hard work and how far you’ve come [even when there have been setbacks] is a sure sign of strong Self-leadership and Self-awareness.

And if you’re worried about drinking alone, reach out… I’ll be happy to pour! ?

So cheers to you and all YOU’VE done to survive these past eighteen months. I see you. I honor you. I really do.



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