What to say when you can’t guarantee squat

Right now there are quite a few questions you might not be able to answer:

  • When are we coming back into work, like real work… ya know, the place with cubes?
  • But you’ve gotten the loan — so this means my job is 100% secure, right?
  • This new operational plan’s intact for the next eighteen months, yes? Promise?

When you can’t guarantee jack, it’s important to be direct, candid and credible by saying,

“I can’t guarantee anything right now, but here’s what you can count on from me…”

And then fill in the blank with whatever you can deliver.

Accurate info.
Timely data.
Appropriate insight into the strategy and decision making process that’s happening in real time.

Whatever it is you’re sharing that they can count on, it’s most important for them to know they can count on your leadership: your approachability, accessibility, adaptability, transparency and credibility. They matter.

When you demonstrate your willingness to deliver your best, they’ll show up to do their best.

To keeping it real and brilliant.

Cyber safe hugs,

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