What To Do When You Feel Frustrated With Life

You're not broken. You're a work in progress.

According to my new PR team, June is “Rebuild Your Life” month.

Who knew?!

Well, technically, they did.

BUT now we do too, so let’s capitalize on this moment as we have a little over 24 hours before month’s end.

It’s never too late to reset, restart, or renew the life you desire.

Seriously. It bears repeating.

It’s never too late to reset, restart, or renew the life you desire.

Why? Because you’re a work in progress. Progress toward what? Toward living in flow with your highest truth — your highest Essence of Self — and learning how to best express it.

You may stumble. You may walk down a path that’s not right for you. Or …

Things might happen to you that you then get to ask, How is this going to move me closer to creating spiritual flow in my life, for living the highest and best expressions of MY truth?

You get to choose how you go forward. It’s not called Self-leadership for nothin’.

I’ve hit the reset button a few times in my life. Seriously, I have. AND … each and every time brought me closer to my essence and created even more joy & happiness, more flow, more expression of my truth.

If you’re feeling broken today, a bit lost, slightly unsettled or downright frustrated with your life, I’m here to remind you that you’re one thought, one action, one hit of the reset button away from creating an entirely new flow.

From my work-in-progress heart to yours, hugs,



Heads up: I also learned July is officially National Grilling and Picnic month in the USA. Makes sense, but in case you didn’t know, you now have an “official” excuse to eat hot dogs & potato chips next month. You’re welcome. If you live outside the USA, in solidarity, you can eat whatever picnic junk food you desire. 😉

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As Laura shared…

“AmyK captured and engaged our team with her incredible energy, vast knowledge, and engaging style. AmyK is extremely genuine and delivers strategies that encourage practical thinking which lead to critical conversations, which in turn lead to great outcomes. Thanks to AmyK, our management team has become more united in its vision for the future of our organization.”

– Laura Ellis, President, Baird & Warner

Laura, it’s been brilliant to partner on several occasions. The Baird & Warner team rocks!

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