What do mini-wins have to do with major success? Everything!

What do mini-wins have to do with major success? Everything!

We tend to celebrate the big victories and milestones in business and life such as birthdays, anniversaries, mergers and the accomplishment of our BHAGs.

None of these triumphs happen without mini-wins along the way.

  • The book does not get published without days of sitting at a keyboard and committing to put words on pages. One day, one page is a mini-win.
  • An anniversary does not get celebrated without the resolving of conflict. One disagreement ended with humor and a passionate make-up kiss is a mini-win.
  • A kid does not celebrate a birthday without a few band-aids, pep-talks and time-outs throughout the year. One bedtime story bringing another day to a restful close is a mini-win.
  • A team does not celebrate exceeding the sales goal without a lot of phone calls, presentations and role-plays. One deal moved forward is a mini-win.
  • The pounds do not come off without exercise, proper nutrition and the resolve to lead a healthier life. One lean chicken breast sans glass of wine is a mini-win.

Sure, you can wait and celebrate the conquest when it’s complete. But it’s a helluva lot more fun if you stop along the way and recognize all the beautiful mini-wins that lead up to the victory.

Savor the mini-wins… they are your everyday life.



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