Top 11 Practices of Brilliant Leaders (AmyKisms)

AmyK Ignite Brilliance

Lately it seems that the lists of insider tips and tricks and the secret steps to success are hardly an insider’s secret anymore. Need a few new, creative, no-nonsense maxims that will ignite brilliance in your leadership? Read on and get sparked by 11 AmyKisms sure to set you up for success. And if you want more detail on how to execute each of these AmyKisms, visit us at or

  1. Always have an agenda based on questions.
    Questions provoke critical thinking and promote engagement. Meetings centered on question-based agendas yield greater productivity, creativity and performance. They keep people awake too.
  2. Balance is a myth – prioritization aligns everything.
    Pursuing “balance” is distracting at best; futile more often than not. Thoughtfully setting and living your priorities produces alignment, and with that, an energy that’s sustainable.
  3. Stop talking. Start doing.
    Over-analysis leads to paralysis. Newton’s Law of Motion is a law for a reason – take a step; even a small step is often revealing enough to guide your next step. And, by the time you take your next, you’ve already created momentum. Step forward…now!
  4. Celebrate. Often. Bubbly optional.
    Stop waiting to celebrate. Acknowledging the mini-wins along the way increases motivation. Sometimes, even a week of small measurable progress is worth a toast.
  5. Accountability is not a dirty word.
    A-Players crave clarity and will out-perform when expectations and deliverables are well-defined. C-Players…not so much. For them, accountability exposes performance gaps, and it’s hard to hide in a gap.
  6. Choose your thoughts. Wisely.
    Thoughts always precede feelings. Can’t help the way you feel?! Think again. Literally. Your thoughts (perspective) determine your feelings, which will cause you to react in a certain way. Your actions then lead to a result that will always go back and prove your original thought “true”.  Break the negative self-fulfilling process – choose a better thought!
  7. Just because you’re sure, doesn’t mean you’re right.
    We think we know facts. What we really know is simply our version, our perspective of reality. It’s a truth, our truth, but is it a shared truth beyond our unique perspective?!
  8. Smart leaders know things. Brilliant leaders question what they know.
    Great leaders own their own ignorance. Ask, What am I missing?, prior to answering a question, and your final response will be a great deal more reflective, evaluative and predictive.  With that, your value to those you lead will increase.
  9. You can’t force your customers to drink, but you sure can make ‘em thirsty!
    We can’t make prospects buy anything and we can’t force those we lead to follow. With the right communication tools, however, we can make ‘em thirsty. The best tools used well will make them thirsty for what we offer and request.
  10. Start your day with water.
    Like it or not, you wake up dehydrated. Your brain craves and needs water. Before you down a cup of caffeine, drink a glass of water. Your cognitive capability improves and your physical and mental energy increases. A great ROI for such a simple act – drink up!
  11. Leadership happens one conversation at a time. You are responsible for the quality of this conversation.
    Prepare for each critical conversation.  What’s the right focus and framework? How do you structure your messaging for the best outcome?  Take responsibility for the conversation. Lead the conversation. Own the Conversation.

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