Tips for this unique time

Tips for this unique time

While there’s a collective experience happening around the globe, we are each uniquely experiencing the pandemic.

Some of us are resting, reflecting and refueling.
Some of us are working 16 hour days.
Some of us are struggling to survive and standing in long lines for food or loans.
Some of us are drinking quarantinis.
Some of us are stressed about recession proofing our businesses.
Some of us are contemplating writing a novel.
Some of us are really over singing Happy Birthday every time we wash our hands. [there’s an app for that! ;-)]
Some of us are considering a nap or two.

This is not the time to spark comparative suffering.

This is the time to offer others compassion.
This is the time to offer yourself grace.

This is the time to respect our differences.
This is the time to acknowledge your own wants and needs.

At our core, we each crave certainty and security during these times.
What will satiate these feelings is different for each of us.
What do you need? What does your family need? What do your colleagues and direct reports need?

This is the time to honor our collective, yet unique, experience.

Cyber safe hugs,

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