These shoes never fail me

These shoes never fail me

Heading out on another speaking tour today.

Newark. Houston. Atlanta. Newburg.

And I love me my tennis shoes.

If you’ve seen me on stage you know I’m fond of my bright white or sparkly sneakers.

They up my performance. [Shhhh….they may be my secret sauce.]

No seriously.

I used to totter around on stage in stilettos and curse the instability, the blisters and the fact that they slowed me down.

Then I thought, Who said I had to wear them?

Yes, exactly, and I don’t listen to those people anymore.

Several years ago I started wearing what I wanted to wear and my confidence soared, my smile got even brighter and my feet thanked me profusely.

It’s fun to embrace who you are and express your sense of self – unapologetically.

And here’s the kicker… for once, I’m in vogue! Tennis shoes are cool. Who knew?!

Here’s what I know for sure: we are our best selves when we are being ourselves.

To expressing yourself – unabashedly. Go be you.



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