The Very Best Way to Get the Results You Want

EP 26 Art_InstagramDuring my interview with Mike Flynn, host of The Impact Entrepreneur Show, he crowned me the “Queen of Questions.”


Because I always say:  You can’t get a different result if you’re thinking in the same way, and the very best way to raise the level of critical thinking is to ask the bigger, better, badder, bolder question.

Here’s a sneak peak of two of my favorite questions I shared with Mike:

• How do we define an ideal client relationship?
• What does an ‘A’ Player look like for our organization?

Also, listen in and discover

How you can go from tight-ass to triumphant in 90 seconds by honestly answering 4 questions.

How to overcome the most common secrets we can all relate to including Imposter Syndrome and the Comparison Condition.

“Every single day you need to wake up and say, ‘There is room for me in this world.’ I don’t need to be competitive, I don’t need to hoard my best ideas, I don’t need to be filled with fear. There is room for my gifts and talents. There is room for me to play today.”

Want to know even more questions for brilliant thinking and tips and tricks for getting out of your own way?
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To being brilliant in business and happy in life!


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