The F-Word You Must Say in Sales

Sales can be frustrating.
I hear the F-word a lot from sales folks who counted their chickens a little too early.

Discover the F-word you MUST say in sales – so not only can you count your chickens…you can start frying the oil!

Do you desire more time, more money and fewer headaches?
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The Ignite Brilliance (IB) Leadership Program was designed with you in mind to help in these specific ways:

  • Create a strong ownership-mentality culture
  • Increase accountability, decrease the blame-game
  • Maximize the capacity of your current talent pool & retain top performers
  • Adeptly deal with difficult people
  • Lead more productive & time efficient meetings
  • Foster greater buy-in and engagement
  • Solve problems faster and more creatively
  • Navigate and lead change effectively
  • Avoid the unintended consequences and pitfalls of growth

This all happens fast!
I stop accepting applications on March 24th and we’re launching April 3rd.

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Here’s what to do now:

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Here’s to more time, more money and fewer headaches!

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