The cost of avoiding difficult conversations

The Cost of Avoiding Tough Conversations

Tough conversations are attempted and avoided every single day.

On average, a leader avoids a tough conversation for 6 months up to two years.


And … the average cost of an avoided tough conversation is $7500 USD.

It adds up.

And not just financially. There’s a cost to your culture, your relationship dynamics, and your own stress and health.

Last week I challenged all of my clients to prepare for and lead a tough conversation.

These conversations covered a wide spectrum — from vaping teens to under-performers, from asking for a raise to undermining biz partners. The list goes on.

And they all had one common thread: the life they wanted was on the other side of this tough conversation.

The results are just starting to come in … raise granted, a teenager awakening to the consequences of choices and disappointed parents, and an under-performer apologizing and making a new gameplan to step up and become a stronger contributor.

Grab a pumpkin spice muffin or latte [tis the season!], grab my Conversation Prep Planner, and get the life and relationships you desire.

Huge hugs,


When you’re ready to have another ally on your side, I invite you to reach out for coaching.

Recently, Adam shared…

AmyK’s coaching style is stellar! As an Inner Circle Founding Member and continued coaching client, her methodology & insights are not only highly relevant in my professional life, but also helped me become a better husband and father.

Her mantra that “life happens one conversation at a time” is more important than ever in our remote-work world. AmyK’s given me a toolbox of great strategies to bring my best to every conversation. Her direct approach, high energy and provocative questions always get me thinking critically which helped me lead year-over-year growth of 28%.

– L. Adam Stock, CFP®, M.S. Personal Financial Planning, Financial Planner, Partner, The Next Level Planning Group

Adam, it’s a pleasure to partner!

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