The best gift to give to others

Love is the best gift of all

Let’s keep it simple.

The best gift to give – this time of year or anytime – is your love.

When you show someone you care, when you act from a full heart, when you listen intently, hug fiercely, patiently wait… it’s love.

When you bite your tongue, take the high road, let it go and smile… it’s love.

Attached is the stocking my maternal grandmother, Moma, made for me when I was a little girl.

It took several shots to get this pic because I kept tearing up.

She mailed it thousands of miles to my mother along with two other hand stitched stockings for my brothers.

Even though she couldn’t always be with us for the holidays she wanted us to feel her love.

We did then and we still do today.

To giving gifts of love this holiday season… and all year long.

Huge hugs,


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