Meaningful Conversations & Connection:
The #1 Wait Right Now

Stop waiting to sweeten your life

A client of mine was recently lamenting. Understandable.

The restaurants near him aren’t open.
The beaches are too crowded for his comfort.
The kids are at home. As is he.

He said, “I’ll be happy when all of this is over.”

It makes sense.

We’ll ALL be thrilled when things move forward in a healthier direction.

And, it’s still important to elevate your well-being today.

Yes, things are hard right now.
Yes, things are frustrating right now.
And… these days are your life.

How do you want to consciously choose to construct them?

Where might you sweeten up a moment, an hour, an evening?

If you wait to experience happiness, joy, peace, contentment… you may find yourself in the longest line of your life.

This is not me being a Pollyanna.

This is me sharing a reminder that choosing your state-of-being is a practice.

A daily practice.
A committed practice.
And with any practice, it, um, takes practice. 😉

Sooo… how might you consciously put some honey-love-sweetness into your day starting today?

Cyber safe hugs,

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