The 1 Thing That HASN’T Changed This Week

The 1 Thing That HASN’T Changed This Week

Most of us are experiencing a few changes in our routines.


Both at home and at work.

Wait…they’re the same now.

And for many of us, the how of our day shifting has left us a little unsettled, uncertain, anxious or even a tad grouchy.

Which is why I wanted to remind us all that our WHY hasn’t changed.

Each of has a why.

Why we get up.

Why we serve.

Why we do what we do.

“If we have our own why in life, we shall get along with almost any how.”

-Friedrich Nietzsche

Yep, the how looks a little different right now, but your heart, mind and soul still have a why.

My mission, my why, is steadfast:

I teach executives, biz owners, influencers & go-getters how to become Master Communicators so they can be brilliant in business and happy in life. [i.e. get the life they desire]

It may sound schmaltzy…until you meet me, and then you witness how energetic, how fired up I am about my why.

Your how without a why is a spiritually empty machine.

Focus on your why, and the shifting how gets easier to accept, adapt to and excel at.

In these days of shifting how – let your why [spirit] shine so bright it lights up the best way forward for these two to get along. [Especially since they’re quarantined together!]

Cyber safe hugs,


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