The 1 Competition You DON’T Wanna Win

Hey, there! AmyK here.

This unfortunate phenomenon has taken over our conversations lately.

So, I got a question for you.

Watch this quick video to see…

…are you unintentionally participating in this B.S. too?

To training our people to focus their energy on significantly contributing.


If you’re ready to energize your teams and support them in contributing significantly, I invite you to learn more about my training workshops here:

I offer 60-minute to multi-day experiences. They’re highly practical and a blast!

As Deb shared:

“We’ve had a lot of changes within our industry, however, reacting to them was easier for us by utilizing tools provided by AmyK. We use the concept of asking higher level questions and now run more productive meetings. Our organization is in a much better position of alignment – staying ahead of the game and the curve. And … AmyK is a fun, dynamic speaker. She kept me completely engaged.”

– Deb Meehan, Vice President of Pharmacy, Doubek Medical Supply

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