Thanksgiving Conversation Starters: 11 Ways to NOT Talk Turkey!

 Thanksgiving Conversation Starters

Happy Thanksgiving!

As tempting as it may be to talk headline news this holiday, I highly encourage you to season the conversation with other savory topics.


Because there really is so much more to talk about right now.

So… if you’re looking for some cozy conversation to better connect around the table or in front of the fire here are 11 questions to chew on that won’t cause indigestion.

  1. Which, in your opinion, is the strongest motivator: fear, love or money?
  2. Would you tell your family and friends if you won the lottery or would you keep it a secret? What’s the thought behind your choice?
  3. Not counting your spouse/partner or any family member, who in your life has been the kindest to you?
  4. Single or married, as in, just for giggles, how would you summarize yourself on a dating site in just three words?
  5. Who is one of the most interesting people you’ve ever met? What made them so interesting?
  6. What city really exceeded your expectations the first time you visited it?
  7. If you had the whole world’s attention for 60 seconds, what would you say or do?
  8. Of all the famous people alive today, who do you think will still be discussed in 200 years?
  9. Looking ahead to the upcoming year, what will be happening in three of your most cherished photos?
  10. How do you define contentment for yourself?
  11. What’s one story/event/memory from your childhood that still makes you laugh today?

To feeling grateful, blessed and content this Thanksgiving.

Cyber safe hugs,

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