Still using “old-school” sales tactics in 2024?

Hey, there! AmyK here.

The world of sales and selling is shifting. And quickly.

The old school tactics that were once the cornerstone of your industry are fading away, making room for a new era of winning sales teams.

Is your sales team ready for the year ahead?

Focusing on the LifeForce Energy of your sales team and your sales process will create a whole new EVE-olution when it comes to growing your company this year.

Wanna master these techniques and have a stellar sales year?

Join me next week [Feb 1st – 4th] for the Iconic Inner Circle Sales Leadership Program in Santa Barbara, CA and move into a new era of brilliant education and energetic exchanges to skyrocket your growth.

Cheers to a Magical and profitable year ahead.


P.S.: This is it! LAST Day to register for the Iconic Inner Circle is this SATURDAY, January 27th. Reach out directly at to join this brilliant & fabulous experience!

Or apply here:

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