Overcome Negative Self-Talk: 3 Ways to Speak Kindly to Yourself

It’s normal to have a day filled with negative Self-talk.

AND … before it comes a part of your regular [and-oh-so-unhelpful] routine … watch this short video with 3 examples for flipping your thoughts forward.

To being more Self-aware – even on your tough Inner Critic days!





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As Jennifer shared …

“AmyK’s ability to quickly get straight to the root cause of an issue means you fix it fast. I love her approach and ability to always give me the right words or framework to lead a tough conversation. Each time I have a coaching session, I feel a renewed sense of ‘I’ve got this!’ Highly, highly recommend AmyK.”

– Jennifer Kincart Jonsson, Vice President, A-C-T Environmental & Infrastructure

Jennifer, it’s been a privilege to partner with you and witness the impact of your brilliant leadership.


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