One fact you don’t know about me…yet

Take others seriously. Yourself? A little less so.

Pre-pandemic I was at a dinner party when this guy, martini in hand, asked me, “What’s one thing almost no one knows about you?”

“I read an Oracle card every Sunday night,” I replied, without batting an eye.

I can now verify this gentleman does not get botox because his eyebrow shot up and his forehead looked realistically stunned.

“Really?” he asked, incredulous.

“Truly,” I confirmed, sipping my wine.

“I never thought of you as silly,” he said, shaking his head in disbelief. “You always look so serious.”

“I’m as serious about my Oracle cards as a seventeen-year-old-girl in search of a prom date,” I whispered.

“What do you ask the cards?” he wanted to know.

“What do I need to know this week to serve at my best for the greatest good for all?”

“Wow! Okay. And what did last Sunday’s card say?” he probed.

“Ask Jeremy in chemistry. He’ll take you.”



If you’re looking for a super fun and highly effective way to take your challenges and opportunities seriously, but want to lighten up and enjoy life along the way, I’m the sweet cheesecake to your factory. Extra raspberry sauce included!

But that’s just my silly ego talkin’, so let’s ask Mitch what he thinks of my coaching

“AmyK is extraordinary in getting the best results. Her people acumen and strategy for creating winning outcomes positively changed my world forever. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for how brilliantly she shifted my thinking & honed my communication skills resulting in life changing relationships both at home and at work. And she cares and is so much fun. If you’re ready to change your personal and/or business situation no matter what it’s state, reach out to AmyK ASAP!” – Mitchell Berger, CEO, Howard-Sloan Search

Awww, Mitch! Thanks!

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