Oh, yes I did!

Keynote Speaker, AmyK shares how a bunk bed teaches us how to let our inner child playThis picture is of the bunk bed in my hotel room last night.

So what does a 47 year old weary traveler do when faced with this ridiculous “kid” bed?

Get ridiculous too!

I climbed the ladder.

I crawled under the covers.

I pulled out a book just like years ago when I often heard, “Lights out. It’s past your bedtime, Young Lady.”

[Like THAT stopped me. ?]

And I savored every delicious moment of it.

Until I sat up and whacked my head.

Hey, Reality Checks can bite.

But for a gleeful moment I was transported back in time to the young girl who craved nothing more than to escape by stepping through the wardrobe, living in a little house on the prairie or joining the Swiss Family Robinsons for dinner.

It’s a choice. Roll your eyes. Get uptight. Be a stick in the mud adult.

Or let your inner child out and relish the wonders of the world.

I know it gets harder as we get older. And you can still CHOOSE how you play.

Today, when flights are delayed and canceled, when I’m unexpectedly stuck in a city far away from family for another night… I can either pound a chair [as I just witnessed one “adult” do] or I can recall the bunk bed of last night and smile.



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