More AmyK Mojo, as promised…

I’m so happy you’re here. I’ve got a few free tools to make YOUR life easier:


Aligning Brilliance Tool

The #1 Conversation Framework for increasing buy-in and engagement.


Navigating Racism & Politics One Conversation at a Time

Use this tool to step into a conversation that may indeed be hard, and to do so because your commitment to a better, safer, free world for all is greater than your commitment to personal comfort.


Recommended Reading List

A few titles to spark new perspectives. Read at your own risk!


Awesome Interview Questions

Find out how your prospective employees think…before you hire them!


The Conversation Prep Planner

My most popular downloadable tool!


My Signature Online Program, The Power of Profitable Conversations

Use code WANT100 and this program is yours for only $197


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