Meaningful Conversations & Connection: 3 Surprising Ways to Get Goin’ Again

Meaningful Conversations & Connection: 3 Surprising Ways to Get Goin’ Again

2020’s been rough.

AND… it’s coming to an end.

Here are 3 surprising & effective ways to start gettin’ back to your energetic, go-getter, bad-ass self.

Schedule a playdate.

Ha! I bet you thought I was going to say, “set new goals.” Nope! First, I want you to smile, have fun, and shake off the stress and duress of these past few months.

Plan and then follow a DAY of nothing but feel good activities. Like a dog climbing out of a lake or an old Taylor Swift lyric, “Shake it off!”

And if 2020 has been your best year ever, then pay it forward and do something generous, fun and playful for someone who could use a jolt of your joy!

Phone a friend.

Pick up your phone and verbally tell someone [not text] what a gift they were to you this year. Affirm them. Let them know what they did for you this year was helpful, even if it was just listening to you on a tough day.

The sound of your heartfelt appreciation – to their ears and yours – will do you both wonders. And if no one in your life deserves to be thanked, well then, do something for another that’s worthy of thanks… then thank yourself for being an awesome human.

Switch your focus for five minutes.

Whether you like to journal, sit still or walk as you reflect, cogitate on the question below for a full five minutes. I highly suggest you set a timer.

Despite the crazy packaging and wrapping of 2020, and all the events therein, where were the surprising gifts, meaningful connections and unexpected blessings?

Each of these activities are scientifically proven to get your brain to release oxytocin, a feel good chemical that boosts performance and productivity. Yes, playing, thanking and thinking about the “good” will actually help energize you and set you on a new path forward.

Let’s gear up to gallop again,

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