Jealous? DON’T Say This >>

We’ve all been envious from time to time. It’s natural and very understandable.

A friend shares they’re going on a trip of a lifetime, or they’re about to retire early, or perhaps they’re heading to a resort for the weekend, and without thinking we blurt, “I’m soooo jealous.”

And it’s a buzzkill. These three words sap the joy from the conversation and put the spotlight on your envy instead of their blessings.

Watch this super short video so the next time you feel a skosh of envy you can respond with a bigger heart.

AND… this video is not about addressing your actual envious emotions, it’s just about what to say. If you’re struggling with processing your envy, I’ll remind you that envy is an emotion to keep you safe & secure. Its job is to tell you what it is that your heart truly desires so you’ll stay motivated to go after it. It keeps you resourceful.

Feeling envious? Ask yourself:

– What am I desiring?
– What resources and/or recognition am I seeking?
– How might I already be in the possession of these desires?
– What feeling do I think my friend is experiencing? How might I create this feeling within myself?

To giving yourself the grace of being human, and to being genuinely happy for your friends’ good fortune.



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