It’s Worth Doing THIS for 2018

It’s easy to get distracted. Shiny objects abound.

As does internet surfing, the need for a sandwich, political noise, a reheated cup of coffee, watching a youtube video, oh look… a squirrel!

We’ve all heard the classic research that says, Focus on 3-4 things and you will accomplish them. Tackle more than 4 and you’re likely to accomplish none.

We also know that chunking our days into 45 minute sessions, then taking well-deserved (as in earned) breaks leads to higher productivity.

So here’s how you can make your 2018 brilliant & profitable:

  • Choose 3-4 BIG goals this year. Yep – that’s it. Prioritize! (Remember – balance is a crock.)
  • Pursue your 3-4 BIG goals relentlessly like a teenage-girl without a date ten days before Prom.
  • Chunk your days into focused sessions. Like a dog pulverizing a bone.
  • Say no to tasks & time sucks that do not drive these 3-4 prioritized goals forward. Practice lip-pursing “oh, no” in the mirror if you must.
  • Assess & celebrate your progress every month. Mini-wins lead to mighty ones. And it’s a great excuse to shake your cute booty.
  • Declare 2018 a kick-ass year in December. I knowz I’m gonna be! Get focused and you’ll declare it too!

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