How to Increase Your Energy Level: 1 Tip to Stop the Energy Suck

Ever have a dramatic moment that, unfortunately, everyone wants to hear about?!

One aspect of Self-leadership that’s so important is being conscious of elevating your energy and the energy of those around you. NOT letting dramatic moments get the best of you is a skill you can learn!

How to Increase Your Energy Level

Watch this quick video for a fantastic Magical Phrase to help you STOP the unnecessary rehashing of dramatic events.


Video Transcript

Hey, there. AmyK here.

Have you ever had one of those old-fashioned phone calls or Zoom meetings that are so filled with drama and conflict or clicked the End Meeting For All button and anybody that was in earshot is like racing over like, what was that all about?

And you spend the next 8-11 minutes rehashing all the drama.

What a total time and energy suck. Or, you walk into a meeting and somebody comes up to you and they’re like, “Ohhh, I hear you’re having a really hard time with the XYZ account. What’s going on?”

And you spend another 8-11 minutes rehashing the drama.

Or, you leave your home office to go into the dining room, somebody from your family says, “How was your day?” and you spend the whole meal rehashing all the lowlights instead of the highlights.

Again, it is a total energy suck.

So the next time that somebody asks you what’s going on and you know that it’s just going to drain your energy, or it’s certainly not going to elevate anybody else’s energy, I want you to use this beautiful Magical Phrase.

“Oh, I don’t really want to give it a whole lot more of my time and energy.”

So you can give them a 10 second overview and then ask to move on.

Or you can simply say, “Oh,” to a group, “let’s not give this any more of our energy. We’re going to solve it. Let’s move on.”

If people feel like they’re going to be dismissed or excluded, you could say, “Alright, two quick highlights, but then let’s not give it any more of our energy, our time, our attention, or our focus. It’s a total time suck.”

Or “It’s a total energy drain. Let’s move on.”

Now, if you need them to problem-solve, if you need to innovate to move it forward, then you can say, “Okay, 90 second overview. Here are the highlights (or lowlights). Now, let’s move it into how might we solve this? How might we move it forward?”

But the next time that you’re caught just rehashing the drama,

I want you to remember that you’re now giving your power away because it’s more energy, more time, more focus, more attention that’s backward, not forward.

So, to playing forward profitably, productively and elevating your energy and everybody’s energy around you.

From my heart to yours, hugs.

Need Help Increasing The Energy Level Of Your Team?

If you’re interested in elevating the energy of your team, I welcome the opportunity to speak, train or coach. It’s what I do. [And I just happen to be passionate about it!]

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As Dan shared:

AmyK was the perfect fit! She provided practical and actionable information in a high-energy, fun and enthusiastic manner. And she’s perfected the virtual seminar. AmyK was every bit as engaging as when we had seen her live. Thank you, AmyK!

– Dan Price, Mountain West Bank, Community Banking President

Thanks, Dan! To keepin’ it high-vibe for everyone!

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