I’m 50 today!

Happy 50th Birthday to me!

Hey, there! AmyK here.

I’m 50 today! Woohoo & Wow! Just wow. LOL.

AND… there have been SO MANY GIFTS along the way.

I’ve received so much love & laughter in this life o’ mine. I’m especially blessed with an incredible family and the finest of fine friends.

Yes, there have been highs and lows. Lots of AmyK iterations. And I’m so grateful that the through-line since I was 16 is that I’ve been lucky enough to do what I love my entire career, which is teach.

Today, I’m filled with blissful peace and intense delight — knowing there’s so much goodness ahead that’s just beginning to unfold.

There’s also a very near future filled with champagne and cake!

If you’re reading this YOU have been a part of my journey, and I extend heartfelt thanks and love for your presence on my path.

Cheers to another 50!




Two insightful questions to ask yourself whether today is your birthday or not:

  • Who are the people who most add to the depth and vibrancy of your life, and/or who’s had the biggest positive impact on your life in this past year?
  • How might you prioritize more time with them in the coming year?

As Mary Oliver would say, “It’s your one wild and precious life.”

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