I started 2020 by getting THIS

First Speaking Gig of 2020 Laguna Beach

I love what I do.

I always have, and I’m pretty sure I always will, BUT…

these days, I’m more cognizant of sharing from a place of relaxed flow than intense force.

And it’s resulting in more standing ovations of late. A speaker’s holy grail of feedback!

I’m sharing, because I think it’s such tangible feedback we can all relate to.

Every time we choose to show up, play all out and serve others… people express their gratitude and appreciation.

Everyone of us wants to feel significant, be understood and be seen. Truly seen.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still filled with my trademark high-energy and irreverence, but now I’ve added grace.

Seeking to connect…with the mind and heart of everyone in the audience.

Where in your life might you let go a little… so you can stop ‘forcing’ and start ‘connecting’ to yourself and others by surrendering to the flow?

[And subsequently being able to brag a little about the goodness & blessings in your life.]

Operating from a place of flow instead of force…it’s worth it. For everyone.



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