I don’t want this to happen to you

I don’t want this to happen to you

Hey there!

This week’s message is directed to all my sweet, smart screen-hunchers.

It’s time to get out and play. Even if only for a brief break.

It’s good for body and soul [and neck & back].

Walk a trail. Surf a wave. Climb a rock. Chase the sun.

Who knows, you might even make a magical memory in the process.

Am I being a hypocrite?! Totally.

I’ve spent the last few months finishing the manuscript to my latest book.

I have a pinched nerve and a messed-up shoulder as proof… yep, and all that “grinding away” was slowing me down.

[And making me cranky.]

I took three days “off” from the screen this past weekend and am already feeling better and more energized. Bonus: spending time away from the screen gives you a chance to have a long-overdue conversation with yourself, with others or with the natural world around you.

Consider this email your official permission slip. 😉 Hall pass granted.



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