How to Strengthen Your Leadership Skills During Difficult Times

How to strengthen leadership skills during tough times

I sat down to dinner with a gal the other night.

And she was cranky. Super cranky.

A negative Nelly.


Second – there’s still goodness in our lives to savor, and there’s more goodness to create.

Where do you want to channel your energy?

How do you want to create a positive difference?

When we let external circumstances get the best of our spirits, we can’t show up for ourselves and others. We need our hope, resiliency and strength more than ever during these tough times.

I’m the first to say, “No, thank you,” to Pollyanna platitudes, and I’m also the first to remind you that we need YOUR forward-focused attitude in the face of suffering.

If you need a moment to vent, scream, cry, I sincerely encourage you to let it out. I get it, and I got you. We need to express ourselves – authentically.

Feel better?

Okay, now…

Ask yourself these four questions to strengthen your Self-leadership and your leadership of others during turbulent times:

  1. What do I need to do to feel more grounded & secure?
  2. How might I help others feel more grounded & secure?
  3. What do I need to do to feel more in control of my future events?
  4. How might I help others feel more in control of their future events?

After listening to my friend and sympathizing with her for a while, I then asked these questions of her. By the time dessert arrived she was savoring a moment of sweet goodness and more focused on the positive actions she could take going forward. There was a spark of determination-to-make-a-difference in her eye again.

To honoring our feelings, working through them and staying forward-focused so we may create & shape a more brilliant tomorrow for ourselves & others.


If you’re focused on igniting your team and firing up their determination for a strong 2022, I invite you to reach out for a keynote and/or training session.

As Lynn shared…

“AmyK was a fabulous closing keynote for our Annual Conference. Her energy was so positive. Our attendees left the conference feeling inspired, motivated and uplifted!?AmyK had great tangible take-aways for communication strategies that really resonated with our audience. AmyK’s talk was a highlight of our event!” – Lynn McCullough, Executive Director, ESPA, the Event Service Professionals Association

Lynn, it was truly my pleasure! Your attendees were fantastically fun!

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