How To Move On From Mistakes

I stepped in it a few days ago.

Yep. This “Master Communicator” wasn’t so masterful in communicating my feelings.

And then my Inner Critic showed up.

Watch this video for 3 questions to help you move on from your own mistakes.

To learning and then letting go, so you can move forward with grace and better energy.




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As Doug shared …

Many of the tools/tips AmyK shared are being used by my leadership team and the sales teams. We just closed our fiscal year in July and it was the largest one on record for our business – some of which I believe is from things learned and shared during the AmyK series and in her playbooks. Igniting brilliance and creating new habits is tough but when people see the payoffs from the effort, the ball starts rolling. Thanks, AmyK, for driving valuable content in a way that is simple to digest and real! Awesome!

– Doug Niemeyer, General Manager, TEKLYNX

It was an honor to partner, Doug!

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