How to Live a Life of Purpose & Pleasure

Days filled with purpose and pleasure make for a pretty darn lucky life.

It’s often said that hard work puts you where good luck can find you.

Today, on St. Patrick’s Day where the “internets” will talk a lot about luck and wearing green,

I want to talk about the most important hard work of all – the work that truly leads to luck.

The work of figuring out how to stand at the intersection of purpose and pleasure.

I’ve witnessed in my own life, and the lives of hundreds of leaders, that the more we intentionally live a life filled with purpose and pleasure the luckier we seem to be.

Lately, if it seems like you’ve had a bit of hard luck, then I highly encourage you to do the hard work of discovering what really creates pleasure and purpose for you now by asking these four insightful questions:

  • What lights up your mind, heart, body and spirit today?
  • Where or with whom do you find your light getting dimmed? Getting brighter?
  • How might you use your unique gifts & talents to shine your light outward and support the light in others?
  • How might you infuse each and every one of your precious days with more purpose & pleasure?

When you work on the strength and vibrancy of your own internal light of purpose & pleasure, and then shine it outwards to bolster the light in others, we all end up pretty darn lucky.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day & cyber safe hugs,


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