How to live a life of pleasure & purpose

You're not your age. You're your energy.

None of us are getting younger. As my dear friend Jenny teases, “We are in a slow and steady state of decline.”

But age is just a number… that comes with a lot of cultural conditioning and limiting beliefs.

And it’s still just a number.

Instead of focusing on the label of your years today, focus on your liveliness — your joie de vivre.

As I’ve shared before, self-leadership is being in the practice of consciously actualizing your highest potential. It’s choosing a life of pleasure & purpose and sustaining the subsequent behaviors needed to live it and live it well.

How energetically are you living your life? As energetically & exuberantly as you want to be?

If not, what’s one micro-shift you could make this week toward incorporating more of the pleasure & purpose that energizes & fuels you up?

Just one micro shift toward liveliness and away from an arbitrary label. Your choice. And the impact, well, it could be expansive.

To living a lively life.





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