How to invest in your future Self

We’re all aware of the famous equation Knowledge = Power. And we all know it’s not true.

Someone came along and modified it to:

Knowledge + Action = Power

and we agreed it was waaay better and more accurate.

AND… I’d like to modify it again.

Knowledge + Action = Powerful Results

Who we are today is a result of our prior actions.

What we learn and take action on today is an investment in our future Self.

Watch this quick clip of a fun conversation I had with my friend Mark, and see if you can relate to his question as much as I did.

To investing in your future Awesome Self!



If you’re looking for a fun & easy way to invest in your Future Self I invite you to learn more about my She Gets It Mastermind.

Registration closes January 27th.

MacKenzie experienced the program just this past September and shared,

“AmyK’s She Gets It Mastermind course has truly challenged me to discover my Essential Self. The interactivity and robust discussions have not only aided me on my personal journey, but also allowed me to connect with other women in my organization on a deeper level. AmyK’s wisdom is so valuable. AmyK has helped me make significant changes that will last a lifetime.

– MacKenzie Bordelon, Argano, Social Media Specialist, People Team

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