How To Improve Self-Leadership (AmyKism #100)

AmyKism #100 has landed! Let’s take a moment to celebrate and return to the message that started it all.

Video Transcript

Hey, there. AmyK here.

Can you believe it?

This video is the 100th AmyKism. Woo hoo!

On March 21st, 2015, I penned AmyKism #1:

Shop wisely…

all about where you source your facts, your self-esteem as in who and what are you letting influence you and your energy.

So it’s no surprise that AmyKism #100 returns full circle:

The journey begins within.

So many of us are taught that happiness is to be chased, love and understanding are to be obtained, miracles and spirituality occur outside of us.

Each and every one of these aspects of joy and fulfillment transpires within.

They begin with the practice of love, compassion and forgiveness starting with oneself.

The internal journey wildly impacts the external one.

Yep, Self-leadership influences just about everything.

Start with you.

From my heart to yours.

Happy 100th and hugs.

Need Help Improving Your Self-Leadership?

If you’re interested in firing up your leadership in 2022, I invite you to learn more about my coaching and consulting.

As Mark shared:

Working with AmyK is not only enlightening and enjoyable, it sparks results! From individual epiphanies across our leadership team to increased confidence in building the teams we deserve, AmyK provided us an opportunity to ignite our own brilliance and play full-out.?Her unique blend of professional insight, personal authenticity and practical tools have also enabled our leaders to cultivate innovation and critical thinking within each of their own individual areas of responsibility. AmyK’s approach to leadership, communication and mindset increased our self-awareness. Not only are we each a better leader… we’re a better person.

– Mark Gobin, VP, Operations – North America at Ontic

Partnering with Ontic was a highlight, Mark! Your team is stellar!

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