How to get through the struggles of life (AmyKism #95)

I see you. I really do.

Watch AmyKism #95 for a heartfelt reminder that showing up for yourself, especially on the hardest days of all, is what this human journey asks of us.

Self-leadership isn’t a one-and-done event.

It’s a practice.

And some days practice is hard.

To showing up on the hard days. And knowing when you do… you’ll be stronger for it.



This month’s Self-Leadership Class is Life in Art and Art in Life.

We’re exploring how art influences the individual as well as societies by shaping opinions, translating experiences across space and time, and changing the tone and tenor of a conversation.

Whether your stick figures are crooked or straight, I invite you to join us and explore how the Arts impact and influence you, how your artistic expressions impact and influence the world, and what the Arts can teach you about yourself.

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