How to discover your smile again

How to discover your smile again

Some smiles come easily.
Seeing your kids do something amazing.
Watching a hilarious video on Instagram.

Some smiles are hard won.
Finding the strength to draw a boundary.
Using your voice to ask for what you truly want.

Years ago I was accused of being too positive. Too high energy.

I started to apologize and then caught myself.

I wasn’t being fake. I wasn’t pretending.

My positivity has been hard earned – hard won.

Why the need to apologize to someone because their misery wanted me to be more miserable too?!


That’s just — as the professionals say — cray cray.

If you’ve lost your smile lately… I’m here to share the good and bad news… you’re the only one who can find it.

If you hate your job, but love the golden paycheck.

If you’re in a miserable relationship, but fear being alone forever.

If you’re struggling to reconnect, but are afraid of rejection.

If you’re working your ass off, but resent the grind.

Well… then it’s time to have an honest conversation with yourself.

Dry January is over and Sober October doesn’t begin for months.

Pour yourself a stiff beverage and ask yourself… What fire might I need to walk through to discover my smile on the other side?



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